Understanding the importance of car seat safety

Ali Landry shares advice and tips for finding the right car seat for your child.
Understanding the importance of car seat safety | Kids in the House
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Understanding the importance of car seat safety


I am very involved in car seat safety. This year will be our fourth annual red carpet car safety, car seat safety awareness event that we'll be putting on. When my daughter was three, I met another mom, we were having a conversation and she was going on a fishing trip with her family and they needed a new car seat. They went to 'Big Box Store' and they ended up buying a booster for the three year old, putting him in the booster. I'm not sure if it was installed improperly or malfunctioned or what happened but he was ejected from the seat, through the window and died. His sister who was in a five-point harness survived the accident, and I thought to myself, that could have been me. We always want to skip with our children, oh they can be out of the crib now or oh let's move them to training pants, or they're big enough, let's put them in the booster right now or let's put them forward facing. This is just one of those things, we don't need to rush these things. Car seat and safety education a lot of people don't talk about it because they just assume they know how to install a car seat. I would say that, keep your child in a five point harness car seat as long as possible. My daughter is seven, she's still in one, and she'll still be in one definitely until she's eight. I know parents, you will have resistance from your children because, I'm a baby, I don't want to be in, that's what baby's wear. When I drive on the field trips, I have all the boys, 'I don't wear that, I'm in just a booster' and I say, well in our car, we wear five point harness car seats, and you know who else wears five point harness car seats? Race-car drivers and they go so fast. Don't you want to be cool like a race car driver? well the boys are like Yes Yes! So that's my trick to getting an older child in a five point harness car set. It always works.

Ali Landry shares advice and tips for finding the right car seat for your child.


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