Finding the best family products with

Ali Landry explains, an app she created which helps moms and dads find the best baby products.
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Finding the best family products with

So I have an app that I launched called and it's all about helping moms, parents, find the best things for their family. Honestly, it started out of frustration, as a new parent, as a new mom, when I was pregnant with my daughter, I spent I'm not kidding you, my entire nine months on-line. Researching, what's the best stroller, going from site to site, reviews and it would hop me here and I'd hear a review from here but I don't want to hear what the manufacturers' were saying, it's their product, are they telling me the truth. I wanted to hear the opinions of other moms, but not only other moms, other moms with the same sort of life style, or lived maybe in the same area as me, so valued opinions from my friends and other moms, in order for me to find the best products for my family, and make an educated decision. Honestly, that's how started, out of very selfish reasons because I really needed it for myself and my life. So really, it's just a trusted go-to source when you're buying those high-priced or not even, just a birthday gift even, those items for your children and for your family. It really helps you navigate that space and find what's best for you, saves you time and money. As parents, time is very valuable right. How it works is that you can create your own store-front, so that way you are helping other parents, and on your store-front you put your number one favourite thing in a given category. Like my favourite stroller, my favourite bottle, my favourite car seat, my favourite, the list goes on and on. Other moms will do the same and then we have a short questionnaire at the beginning where you can really find those like minded moms. You can also search by trend and see what's the number one product, favourite product, that's trending in that moment. Really it just cuts the clutter and really helps you find exactly what you need and make that educated decision.

Ali Landry explains, an app she created which helps moms and dads find the best baby products.


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Ali Landry

Actress, Mompreneur, Mother of Three

Ali Landry found success in Hollywood after being crowned Miss Louisiana and Miss USA. Landry, a small town girl from Louisiana, became a household name as the Doritos spokeswoman and the 1998 Super Bowl heartthrob. She has had recurring roles in “Felicity”, “Two Guys and a girl”, “Sunset Beach” and “Popular.” She is married to writer and director Alejandro Gomez Monteverde. Landry co-starred in his film “Bella” and will appear in his latest film, “Little Boy.” Mother of three kids, Ali created an app,, for fellow moms around the world. is a personalized product discovery app for moms by moms. It is a place to discover new product trends and share your ultimate favorite products. Even though Landry has her plate full as an actress, entrepreneur and mother, she says “I am so fulfilled, I know that I am in the exact place I am supposed to be in, doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing. I could not be happier.”

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