Golden Nugget

Learn about: Golden Nugget from Patty Robinson Smith,...
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Golden Nugget

My golden nugget for parenting advice is don't be your kids' friend – be their parent. And just love them. Find humor in everything and... Just love your kids and be their parent – don't be their friend. They can choose their friends – they didn't choose you. Be their parent. Love your kids. That's my golden nugget of parenting.

Learn about: Golden Nugget from Patty Robinson Smith,...


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Patty Robinson Smith

Mom of Teens

Patty Robinson Smith is a California native from Riverside. She is happily married to a former professional volleyball player, they have three sons together. Patty also has a twin brother. In her free time she enjoys the outdoors, playing beach volleyball and tennis. But most of all, Patty enjoys spending time with her family and being a mother.

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