Expectations of losing baby weight after pregnancy

Nutritionist Del Millers, PhD, gives his advice on the best way to lose the baby weight.
First Year Parenting Advice | Losing the baby weight
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Expectations of losing baby weight after pregnancy

What's a reasonable amount of time to expect to go back to your pre-pregnancy weight and shape. Unfortunately ladies that is a tough question to answer because it is so specific to each person. Yes, I've worked with clients who were able to go back to their pre-pregnancy weight and shape in a matter of months, 3 months - 6 months, because they're really active people. They eat well. They follow a really balanced nutrition plan. So they're able to go back to where they were in a shorter period of time, which is the important thing. If you are actively pursuing getting back in shape, chances are you will. I find a lot of women don't. They get taken over by the demands of their new life. And they don't have the time to really pursue the things that they need to do for themselves, so it's going to take them a longer period of time to do that. And the longer that goes on, the harder it becomes, because now you're new shape and your new weight becomes more normal and more natural for your body, and you start to eat in a certain way to support that. So the longer you take to do that, it becomes harder to get back to your new weight and your new shape. But is it possible? Yes it is possible. And start immediately after you give birth. Most people start within the month of getting back on their fitness regime, getting back on their eating plan. And just start working on it. So a reasonable amount of time. Can you do it within 3-6 months? Yes. Can you do it within your first year - absolutely! That's possible. Keep in mind if you've had surgery, let's say you've had a C-section for your birth then it may take you a longer period of time than a month to get back on a regular exercise plan. But should you be up and walking around? Yes. My wife was up and walking around the same day after a C-section, because your doctors really do want you to be up and walking around and active. But as far as getting back on a fitness regime, you may need to weight anywhere from 6 weeks to 2 months before you can do that.

Nutritionist Del Millers, PhD, gives his advice on the best way to lose the baby weight.


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Del Millers, PhD

Author, Nutritionist

Dr. Del Millers is the founder of TheBestYouAcademy.com and author of eight books on mind-body health and nutrition. A PhD Nutritionist with a Masters degree in psychology, Dr. Del teaches motivation and high performance strategies to busy entrepreneurs and professionals, so that they can make a difference in their lives tomorrow in just ten minutes today.

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