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Ramita Anand has over 15 years of classroom-based teaching experience, five of which were within the Learning Support and Enrichment departments of diverse schools internationally. She created Elevate.RA Mentoring Services after the realisation that children need be championed and encouraged to pursue their dreams, a definitive and significant take away from each of her experiences across every school she worked in.

Ramita’s aim is always to work from a child-led approach, and to engage with children on the multitude of pressures they may face at school, at home, and with peers, from a unique perspective.

Born and raised in Vancouver, Canada she has lived and worked in London, UK, New York, USA and currently resides in Singapore.

Learned Helplessness Impacts Learning
Learned helplessness is the belief that our own behaviour has no influence on consequences or events. This often manifests in students setting themselves up to fail before they even try. Ultimately, this can lead to students believing that they are not capable of overcoming the difficulties they face at school. Through my work as a teacher, I’ve seen many young people who are becoming less independent, afraid of tackling something new because they don’t want to fail.
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