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Parent Education Coordinator

Rosemary Reeves is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapy Associate in Texas specializing in parenting for abused children.  She spent her teen years in East Texas, moving across the country for her degrees in Human Development & Family Studies and Marriage & Family Therapy.  Her professional background includes school counseling, swim lessons for special needs populations, child & adolescent psychiatric inpatient counseling, and parent education & trauma-focused interventions through a children’s advocacy center.

texas field
Living in East Texas can be very different depending on who you’re talking to. Some describe it as a safe haven with business-friendly policies, especially for a state-located LLC in Texas. Some say the roses and azaleas are to die for, some say the humidity is literally to.die.for. Some love this close-knit community, saying, “it’s the perfect place to raise a family!” Others can’t wait to scamper on over to Tinseltown, otherwise known as Dallas.
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