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Shawn Laib writes and researches for the life insurance comparison site, He wants to help people living with illnesses to understand how to stay positive and find answers to their concerns.

father teaching son to drive
Getting a divorce is stressful for all parties involved. The legal and financial issues can have an especially profound impact on any kids in the family. There may be a custody battle between two parents that can hopefully be resolved amicably. Then there’s the issue of what possessions belong to which parent and how kids can have access to them. One of the most important ones is which parent is responsible for the car insurance of their teenage driver.
parenting teens
Parents can have a hard time figuring out how to best prepare their children for adulthood. There is no rulebook or handy guide to parenting. Every mother and father has to decide what is best for their children. How can they make sure their kids are ready to be successful and independent, and what defines achievement in these areas?
driving car simulator game
Video games are currently one of the most popular entertainment products in existence. People of all ages and backgrounds enjoy them, and kids under 18 love de-stressing after school or with friends in front of their games. Many of the most popular games of the past decade have been extremely violent or mature. No game has been more profitable since the turn of the century than “Grand Theft Auto.”
Student Choosing Career in Medicine
We tie a lot of our value to what we do for a living. This seems kind of superficial since we’re all just trying to do the same things at our core: stay happy, healthy, and capable of caring for our children. Since there doesn't seem to be any end in sight when it comes to the importance placed on occupational choice, you might as well try to choose something that is rewarding.
teen driver traffic violation
Discipline has always been a difficult subject to navigate for parents. As children get older, they start to make decisions that severely impact themselves and the people around them. Toddlers steal a cookie from their siblings; teenagers may drink and get behind the wheel of a car. The punishment for the latter is going to require heavier-handed consequences than taking pastries.
Coping With Cancer
Getting a cancer diagnosis is one of the toughest obstacles a person can face in life. There are the physical demands of undergoing chemotherapy, weight loss, and fatigue. There are the mental and emotional struggles of wondering whether you will live to see your loved ones accomplish big things. 
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