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Calling All Mamas

Jan 5 by

Parenting is hard, but when we have each other and the truth, it’s a whole lot easier. That’s why Mamalode, dubbed “America’s best parenting magazine,” and Kids in the House make perfect partners—and we’re teaming up for an entire month on to bring you some of the best and most beautiful stories, with a sprinkling of expert advice, on the topics you care about. This month, we’ll LIVE&LEARN together.

Mamalode was founded by a mom in 2009 as a free local magazine featuring gutsy, authentic first person stories by moms (and dads), and quickly became a powerful point of connection and community around the unfiltered and shared experiences in parenting.

Today, Mamalode (now supported by a small but deeply committed and passionate team of moms and dads) caters to a global community of readers and writers online. We also organize a national series of events celebrating Mother’s Day Eve®—a party for moms, by moms the night before Mother’s Day that was the original launching pad for the magazine.

At the end of the day, Mamalode works because we know there is much more to motherhood than meets the eye, and we aim to create space for the whole thing: to let the stories fly, give every mom an opportunity to see herself in them and for every mom to say, “Mamalode is me.”

So call your mama and all your mama friends and submit your story to Mamalode so we can LIVE&LEARN together. All month on

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