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3 Things You Should Ban Your Kids Taking Camping and 3 Things They Should Embrace

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Family camping trips are absolutely wonderful experiences. They bring you closer together while also allowing everyone to bond a little and just escape from the hustle and busyness of the outside world. When camping with your kids, however, technology often creeps in and disrupts the trip – leaving them glued to the screen instead of enjoying the outside world. Here are three things you should ban your kids from taking on camping trips, and three that they should embrace.

Ban: Headphones

It’s wonderful to have music when you are camping, but headphones can be a little anti-social, so it is probably a good idea to stick these on the banned list. Instead, you could bring a radio along with you, allowing the whole family to sit down together and listen to tunes or your favourite stations. It’s a more sociable and enjoyable way of spending time together than with headphones.

Embrace: Nature (and the Dog)

Encourage the kids to get outside and really embrace the natural world. Picking up acorns, collecting leaves and rocks, these are all part of what makes camping so much fun. Let them take the dog with them, and they can all play together while you watch. Everyone gets some exercise, and they all get to bond with each other. It’s little moments like these that last forever in their minds.

Ban: Phones

These are great for communication and emergencies, but camping trips are about a little face to face time with each other, and not FaceTime. Tell your kids to leave the phones in the car (or at home) because this trip is all about socialising in person. Phones are distracting, and you don’t want them to miss out on the beautiful natural world around them.

Embrace: A Good Pair of Wellies

You need a good pair of wellies throughout the year because you never quite know when it is going to rain. You should let your kids pick a pair of wellies that they love, a pair that really makes them feel good when they put them on. A good pair of boots will allow them to jump through all the puddles they want and get even more out of each of their adventures.

Ban: Video Games

Handheld consoles are great for passing the time, but video games are strictly banned on this trip. Instead of pixels, why not pull out a classic board game to play on those wet and cold days where none of you really want to leave the tent? Leave the consoles at home and embrace the joy that comes from physical games. Just don’t bring Monopoly if you want the trip to end well.

Embrace: A Family Hiking Trip

Pack a lunch, get the bags ready, put the dog’s lead on, because a family hiking trip is the perfect way to enjoy nature and each other’s company in a peaceful and relaxed environment. It’s a lovely way to bond and just take your time as you travel through the wilderness and along the trail. You can stop along the route for lunch, play games, and really take advantage of the unique setting. Plus, it is great exercise for everyone involved.

To Conclude:

It’s not always going to be easy, especially at the start when they are missing their gadgets. However, as the trip goes on, they will find themselves less bothered by this and more interested in their surroundings. It’s time to break out the marshmallows, grab a few sticks, and make some good old fashioned S’mores over the fire as a family. Have a great trip; we are sure it’s going to be one to remember!