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Best Toys for Kids by Age Groups in Nov 2018

Best Toys for Kids by Age Groups

As children develop, so do their taste for toys. But the number one important fact is that the toys are stimulating for them and fun. This is an important part of a child’s development and as it goes from one stage to the other, or simply gets older, children will change interests and toys. You have to make sure to provide them with just what they need and sometimes picking a good toy for them is very important. Very young kids will be satisfied with themselves and first and will spend most time looking at the parents’ faces and reaching to noise. Sometimes lifting their fun is a fun activity for them. But as a child learns more there are some items like card board boxes or even bottle caps that can come into play. But if you really want to know about appropriate toys for kids by age group, check out some of our suggestions

Baby Dolls and Puppets (between 7 and 12 months old)

The moment a child starts developing more skills, the more stimulating toys will it need. One of them include baby dolls and puppets with which the child can play pretend with. These baby dolls will help the child develop and it is also important that the toys are safe. Better use soft toys and stuffed puppets so the child does not get hurt as it is still very much young. Some people offer plastic or even wooden toys to kids at this age, but in our opinion it is still early for things like that. It is much better for a child to have a stuffed doll which is soft and easy to play with. It also helps the child develop their muscles further and helps it to interact with its toys.

Books with Simple Illustrations (1 year old)

Once the child gets to be 1 it will get to be interested into different things. New stimulation is needed and the best way to do that is with pictures and illustrations. Since they are still not able to read, it is great for them to simply view pictures and recognize objects. Using a book with simple illustrations is the best as the child can learn some different new items and learn how to pronounce them. The main thing is that it is colorful so the child will get interested in it. If you manage to find one which comes with music it will allow the child to expand even further and get to be interested into this even more.

Wood Puzzles (2 years old)

Toddlers are already big enough so they can walk and run about. They prefer jumping and running and have already developed their muscles well enough so they can play on their own. This is a time to stimulate their brains a bit. The best way to do that is with wood puzzlers. The child will try to solve simple tasks that the puzzle offers and that way get to develop its mental ability. They toy still needs to be colorful and fun so the child is interested in it. But make sure not to get one with small pieces so there is no danger of the child swallowing a piece or two.

Building Blocks (3 to 6 year olds)

This is a very interesting time in a child’s development. At this stage of their lives, kids like to experiment a lot and get to be really curious. They ask a lot of questions and depending on their energy levels will also run around and play. What will stimulate them best are some ways to express themselves. Building blocks are a great way to do that and you can offer them many different types which will interest them. They will use their imagination and creativity and try to build all sorts of stuff. This will help them further develop and eventually lead them to a type of person they will be. At this stage it is also important for the children to have somebody to play with, like a sister or a brother, but also some friends from the neighborhood. These kind of toys are also great for sharing and they kids will get to learn social interaction by sharing the building blocks between each other.

Squeeze Toys (6 to 8 year olds)

Squeeze toys have proven to be very popular at this age.Squishy toys are a great substitute for muscle training as they help the child develop their motor skills at this age. They can play with them all they long and the best thing is that they cannot get hurt with them. These toys are soft and cannot really be broken, so it is also not a nightmare for the parents so they don’t have to buy new toys. But you also have to watch the kids so they don’t break anything and also try to prevent them from putting them in their mouths. Make sure not to heat these toys and always have your kids wash their hands after they are done playing. You can never be too safe with them and you don’t really know where the kids are carrying them to. But overall squishies which you can find on are a great way to go.