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Avoiding Swimming Pool Accidents

best equipment for swimming pool safety

During the hot summer months, you will most likely be enjoying some fun with your friends and family in your local pool - whether it’s in your backyard, your friend’s place, or at a community pool. They can offer hours of fun, but you need to make sure to adhere to the best safety precautions in order to protect your kids and loved ones. Swimming pool accidents are a terrible nightmare for parents, but you need to be completely aware of the reality, and do what you can to avoid any potential hazardous situations. Dangerous slips and falls can lead to concussions and traumatic brain injuries, diving into the shallow end of pools can result in life-threatening spinal cord injuries, and there is always the risk of drowning. If you are hosting a family barbecue or event at the pool this summer, make sure you or the owner of the pool is utilizing the best pool safety guidelines. We will discuss some great pool safety items that are available today to keep your family safe:

1.  Pool Covers A great way to prevent swimming pool accidents at family events or when you have children staying in your home is to invest in a safety pool cover. A safety pool cover can hold a minimum of 485 pounds per five square feet. You can purchase solid or mesh pool covers, but both must anchor to your deck with straps and stainless steel springs. When the safety cover is in place, it can prevent someone from falling into the pool and drowning. Here is a good guide for choosing the right cover for your pool.

2.  Swimming Pool Barriers When you get fencing or approved barriers professionally installed around your pool, you have control over who and what has access to the water and when. Children and elderly relatives who may be at risk while swimming unsupervised will need the gate code or security access. Today’s gates have self-latching capabilities and alarm systems to prevent ladders or people climbing over fencing.

3.  Removable Pool Fencing If you do not want to install a permanent fence—or your property is not designed to handle a permanent barrier—you can consider removable pool fencing. It is made of specially designed mesh that allows you to roll and store the removable pool fencing when you do not need it, and place it back over your pool when you do. The mesh is transparent, giving you a clear view of the pool at all times.

4.  Safety Railing Installing safety railings around your pool and hot tub can help elderly relatives get in and out of the water without tripping and falling into the pool. Slip and fall accidents around pools are one of the most common causes of injuries. You can help your relatives navigate your pool deck without the risk of falling either on the concrete deck or into the water.

5.  Pool Alarms You can install an alarm that will notify you when someone or something touches the surface of your pool. If your pool does not have a cover to protect unsupervised toddlers and children from falling in, a pool alarm can serve as a significant warning device. While it is not a life-saving device, it can send off an alarm and give you time to come to the aid of someone who has fallen in or should not be in the pool without adult supervision. There are several types of pool alarms to choose from, including alarms with multiple sensors and buoy alarms that float on the surface of the water. Swim University provides a great list of the best pool alarms in 2016.

6.  Wrist Alarms One of the latest technologies in pool safety equipment are wrist alarms for children. These are waterproof and key-locked. You can put them on children’s wrists, and the bands communicate with a base station, letting you know if your child falls into water. As soon as the band immerses in water, the alarm activates—notifying you that your child is swimming or underwater when he or she should not be.

Pool Safety is the Pool Owner’s Responsibility. Swimming pool accident attorneys can help protect your family’s rights. Swimming pool accidents can occur from improperly installed diving boards, lack of proper lifeguard supervision, failure to cover pools, and inadequate fencing. If a preventable accident caused injury to your child at someone else’s pool, you have the right to sue the responsible party for damages. An experienced swimming pool accident lawyer can help protect your rights and get you a fair settlement.

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