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Free and Fun - 10 Things To Do With Your Kids

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Nothing exciting happening? Kids bored this weekend? Try one of these free and easy ideas for things to do with your kids – they’ll provide a ton of fun:

1. Decorate the house for the next holiday. Break out the ribbons, bows, construction paper, wrapping paper, balloons and anything else that can be used for decorations. And don’t forget to decorate the chairs and table, too!

2. Plan a treasure hunt or scavenger hunt in the yard. This can be fun even inside your home if the weather outside isn’t ideal. For older kids, make each clue a guessing game. (“I’m soft and comfy – you visit me at bedtime.”)

3. Make a collage. Collect rocks, leaves, sticks, and flowers. Clean them, sort them out on the table, and glue to a large piece of poster board. You can even add bits of things from your “junk drawer” like bag ties, rubber bands, toothpicks and whatever else inspires you and your child.

4.  Set up a beauty salon. Let the kids do hairstyles, paint fingernails, and put on make-up. Play dress up with your old clothes, hats, and jewelry and put on a play.

5. Create a make-believe grocery store with real food. Convert a box into a cart and use real food from the cabinet. Give your child a calculator and create a checkout line. Use real grocery bags. Help your child make a list, shop for food, and ring it up. Take it “home,” unpack it, and do it again. And again. And again.

6. Have an indoor picnic lunch or dinner. Lay a blanket on the floor and move some plants close by. Put picnic-type foods like sandwiches and sliced fruit in a basket. You could even build a fort out of tables, chairs, and blankets and eat inside the fort if you want! Tell stories and sing songs after everyone’s done eating.

7. Have a non-Easter-egg hunt. Hide blocks, toy cars, action figures, or large Legos around the home or in the yard. Everyone can take turns hiding and finding.

8. Fill a huge container with various types of breakfast cereals. Give your child different types and sizes of cups, spoons, and small containers for filling. You can hide small plastic animals and make it a “dig,” too. Hours of fun!

9. Take a walk after dark. Give everyone a flashlight. Wear all white clothes so you “glow” in the dark.

10.  Make a homemade book. Think of a story together. Take photos and draw pictures to demonstrate the story. Print out the photos and glue them on paper. Tape it together into a book. If the weather’s nice, make it a nature book and take close-up photos of pine cones, birds, flowers, etc.  Or … bring out your video camera make a home movie!

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