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Keeping Your Children In Mind During Divorce

When you take into consideration that between 40% to 50% of all marriages in the U.S. end in divorce, most of which are in the first 10 years, you know this is far from a usual and typical situation - one that has a profound effect on the kids. With my experience as a divorce attorney who has handled many child custody, and child support cases, I have learned that it is in almost always in the best interest of the child for the parents to come to an amicable agreement regarding custody or visitation.

They’re seeing the family change - change can be very hard

When working out a child custody case agreement with your ex partner, it's important to do whats best for your kids - work cooperatively as possible. After all, a child’s custody arrangements should be determined by the child’s parents, as parents know them better than anyone.

As a parent who truly cares about their children you can do a number of things to minimize the negative effects of divorce especially when assessing and implementing the splitting into two households. Yes, the divorce process can get messy between you and your ex partner but as good parents you can mutually agree in establishing as much routine as possible when reviewing personal schedules, providing endless emotional support  and anticipating the child’s needs. How well children adjust depends on whether parents can minimize their conflicts. 

Children tend to adjust better to divorce when:

  • They have a good relationship with both of their parents.
  • Both parents respond to the needs of their children.
  • Parents don’t argue, especially when their children are present.

Essential Parenting Plan

A parenting plan, also known as a ‘Custody and Visitation Agreement’ can help decide how the children will be cared for and where they will live and spend their time. Children benefit from having a routine they can count on, and this as a guide you know what to expect with fewer conflicts. Some of areas to consider in in your parenting plan are the different options of custody, whether it be Physical, Sole or Primary, Visitation in establishing effective methods of communication, co parenting, exchanges and transportation.

In our not so perfect world, many families face serious problems consisting of violence and abuse. In these high conflict, volatile situations where parents are unable to reach a healthy amicable agreement, their custody arrangements will most likely be decided for them by the court. Los Angeles child custody attorneys, and other family law related professionals can guide you through any circumstance throughout this tough process in a satisfactory manner.

Family Law Attorney

Karie Boyd is the founding partner and CEO of the Boyd Law firm offices spread throughout the entire state of California. She is a certified family law specialist who consistently delivers case-winning results for her clients in cases taken to trial as well as positions her clients for attractive out of court settlements, when it comes to that. Karie Boyd received her B.A. from the University of San Diego then went and obtained her law degree from the California Western School of Law, after which she started her successful career as a San Diego family attorney. She is very passionate about her work and loves sharing her knowledge and passion of family and divorce law.