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Creative Indoor Activities: Teach Your Kid to Sew with Our 5 Simple Tips

Teaching kids to sew

Most of us hate those awful rainy days when you've got no choice but to stay inside and wait for the rain to stop. And when you have kids, it's quite difficult to keep them entertained enough so that they don't cause a ruckus inside the house. Sure, you can let them play video games until they pass out but that's no way to bond with your offspring. Ideally, you'd want an activity which you'll do together, will be interesting to them, and will cause them to develop some useful skills if possible. Why not sewing? It's interesting, fulfilling, will turn out to be a handy ability later in life and since you'll be the one teaching them, you'll get to spend some quality time together and create lovely memories they'll remember forever. If you like that thought, stick around and check out our five simple tips how to teach your kids to sew.

1. Don't be afraid to start early

You can't give a needle and a thread to a five months old baby and expect it to sew. But you don't have to wait until they become a legal adult either. If they show an interest and a desire to learn from you then by all means go ahead and teach them how to sew. It doesn't matter how old they are because, as mentioned before, you will be by their side at all times, helping them to do their work and keeping an eye on them while they do it.

2. Give them real sewing tools There's no need to start with a toy sewing machine, blunt needles and scissors because you'll be there with them at all times so they won't get a chance to accidentally hurt themselves. Make sure to explain that both the needle and the scissors are sharp so they need to be careful. Kids don't want to feel pain so if you explain the danger properly, they will try their best to watch out. There are also simple kids sewing machines with finger guards on the needle.  You can also find an awesome list of sewing machines for your kids here. They are easier to operate than those for adults and come in fun colors to make your little one even more excited! You can also start with knitting because it's a great introduction to sewing and it's loads of fun.

3. Make your sewing sessions short but have them often

If you make the mini sewing class too long, your kids will most likely lose the interest or get bored after a few times. The trick is to make them keep wanting more so that their enthusiasm doesn't disappear. Dedicate a half an hour every other day to sewing with them and you've hit the mark.

4. They don't need to do all of the work

You're teaching kids here after all so it's normal if they can't do everything by themselves. Let them do whatever they can and want but if they come across something too difficult for them, it's perfectly fine if you help them out and finish the work for them. It's still their project because they worked hard on it. It doesn't matter if you helped out a bit. An architect designs buildings while workers construct them and you've never heard someone tell an architect that it's not his building because workers built it for him.

5. Let them do their thing

Once you've taught your kids how to do some basic sewing work, and after they've gotten really good at it and used to it, don't deprive them of their fun. If they want to sew when it's not time for your usual mini class, let them do it. If they enjoy the process and want to do it more often, great, they should do so freely. And once they get quite skilled at it, don't be afraid to teach them how to make some more complex projects. It's perfectly normal for them to desire further improvement of their skills. You're here to provide them with that. This activity is really a lovely one for you and your kids to enjoy together. Not only will you spend a decent amount of time together but you'll also have some fun. And once they get older, I can guarantee that they will be very grateful to you for teaching them a handy and helpful skill that will turn out to be quite useful at times in their lives. No need to dread those rainy days anymore, because now you have a wonderful indoor activity waiting for you and your kids.