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10 Ideas to Cheer Your Kids Up This Winter

10 Ideas to Cheer Your Kids Up This Winter

Winter is known for giving folks the blues. Children might not want to play outside because it's so cold or might be unable to due to sheets of ice. That doesn't mean that parents need to feel stressed out. These are the best ideas to cheer your kids up this winter.

1. Cooking Together

Children love to have fun in the kitchen! Break out the cookie dough to have fun decorating cookies together. Parents can use this as an opportunity to teach children about math, such as fractions, and kitchen safety, while your kids can learn how to craft their recipes.

2. Family Dinners

Family dinners are another opportunity to have some fun indoors. Pick up some pizza dough at the store, put toppings in bowls, and enjoy a DIY pizza night. Children will love sprinkling their cheese on their pizzas, and parents will love that their children are smiling again.

3. Enjoy a Helicopter Ride

There are almost 13,000 commercial helicopters throughout North America. These helicopters are available for hire to take families on a ride. This is a great way to get the little ones out of the house and enjoy family time together.

4. Browse Local Shops

Remember that the entire family can still enjoy a walk downtown while it's cold outside! Bundle up little ones to stay warm and enjoy acting like tourists in the city. There's a good chance there are new businesses you may not know there! Over half of Americans miss signs because they are too small. You're more likely to see them when you're walking, as you’ll be much closer to them.

5. Focus on Fun

Children who just had a doctor's appointment might feel stressed out. For example, almost 4 million children are orthodontic patients. After those appointments, ensure that the household focuses on fun and family to cheer up the little ones. Avoid focusing too heavily on negative experiences.

6. Positive Reinforcement

Sometimes, your little one doesn't need to leave the house to feel better. Instead, they need to hear positive praise. Catch your child being good, and praise them during that time. If your little one looks down, take a moment to tell them that they're amazing or that you love their outfit.

7. Exercise Together

Getting up and moving helps encourage those good chemicals in your brain to cheer you up, making exercise a great way to cheer up little ones. Bundle them up for a few hours at the park. Head off to a favorite hiking trail. If the weather doesn't permit some time outside, turn on an exercise video on the television and work out together.

8. Host a Private Dance Party

If your little one isn't up for an exercise video, get moving in the most fun way possible! Turn the music up, turn on a strobe light, and dance around the living room in your pajamas. They'll enjoy getting up and moving around, while you'll enjoy feeling like a kid again.

9. Listen 

Children who are upset or sad about something in particular often want to be heard. They need to have their feelings validated. Take the time to ask your child what's wrong, and listen carefully to their response.

10. Surprise Them

Most children love surprises. They enjoy that someone was thinking about them, and they'll love the surprise. Make them a cake or bake them some cupcakes for no reason. Pick up a new toy they've asked for, and wrap it so they can enjoy a surprise present. Don't forget to give everyone else in the family a surprise, so no one feels left out!

Parenting can be wonderful, but it can be difficult when your child is feeling down. Use these tips to cheer up your child. Get the most out of winter and fight those cold weather blues with these fun ideas!