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5 Reasons Your Teen Should Consider a Career in the Legal Field

Career in the Legal Field

As you work to assist your teenager with selecting a field of study, it's wise to consider their strengths and weaknesses. There are numerous signs that your teen may be well suited for a legal career aside from their skills at arguing with you at home. It takes a wide variety of professional skills and character traits to be a good attorney, and your teenager may have many of them already. Consider offering to find ways for your teen to shadow someone in the field or learn more about law school if the following apply characteristics apply. 

Your Teen Is Involved In Your Community

Your teen’s interest in community projects is a good sign that they might be a good fit for the legal field. As they volunteer, work on community service projects, and become active in the community, there's a chance that they may befriend individuals who work in the law field. They may learn about criminal law and how bail bond agencies act as surety by providing money or property as a bond to guarantee that the defendant will make their court date. Your teen could make important connections and find employment opportunities by being involved in their community and learning more about the issues it faces.

Your Teen Is Passionate

Teenagers who have strong, passionate feelings about local or global politics, or who constantly seeking change in the world around them, might be a great fit for the legal field. Strong belief in a cause is a vital part of becoming a skilled attorney, as the hours can sometimes be long and draining.

Your Teen Wants to Help People

A desire to help others is another great reason your teenager may want to pursue a career in law. Often, people who seek out legal professionals need help in one way or another. Out of married couples in the United States, 40-50% of them eventually divorce, and a divorce attorney is necessary for this difficult process. Whether your teen wants to be a divorce attorney, a defense attorney, or a business attorney, helping people is part of the process. It takes a caring person to help those whose personal lives weave into their legal obligations.

Your Teen Is a Strong Writer and Speaker

Working in the legal field requires excellent reading comprehension skills, writing skills, and oratory skills. If your teenager is a strong writer and speaker, they can put these skills to use working in law. Attorneys have to master the art of communication in order to obtain the best possible results for their clients. This allows them to present the best possible arguments in a concise and convincing manner.

Your Teen Enjoys Learning

The law is constantly adapting and changing as a result of the world evolving. For example, there's a rear-end collision every eight seconds on average in the United States. Over time, these crashes have gone from being caused by people being distracted by their radios and cigarette lighters to being distracted by texting and cell phones. Attorneys have had to adapt as the laws have changed. This need for adaptation is a constant element of the legal field. If your teen enjoys learning, the legal field is a great place for them to consider a career.

Working in law can be challenging and rewarding. It requires passion, a love of learning, and great reading and writing skills. If your teenager seems to have what it takes, studying law may be a great option for them. Reach out to a local school to learn more about scheduling an informative interview for your teen, or consider introducing them to a practicing attorney in your area. This will provide them with the opportunity to learn a bit about the legal field and decide if it's a good option for them.