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5 Ways Your Teen Can Be Involved In the Family Business

Family Business

Running a family business is a great way to create generational wealth and create a more closely bonded family unit at the same time. If you have teens, you may want to include them in the endeavor but not be quite sure how you can do it. The five tips below should help you find a way of involving them, so go over them and put them to use so you can get your teen started in the family business.

Assist at a Pop-Up Event

When you run a pop-up event to drive sales or even create attention for your business, find a role for your teen to play at the event. Currently, pop-up shops are getting more attention from small businesses in the U.S. with a market value of $50 billion. These are safe events to give your teen some practice in the business, as they're generally not stressful. When planning your next pop-up, ask them to help you plan for it and to pick a role they are comfortable working in.

Hand Out Samples

If you're running a product-based family business, have your teen hand out samples to people to get attention to your business. This will help them learn more about the products and how to interact with customers. Have a small meeting with them at the end of the day and find out what they learned or if they have any input that could be used to improve the business more, and in this way, they will understand what it takes to run a successful business.

Help Unload and Stock Products

Whenever you get new stock, ask them to lend a hand in unloading them as well as repackaging them if it's something you do. Let them know well in advance that they will help you unload so that they are psychologically prepared for the task. With 95% of all packaged products in the U.S. shipped on pallets, 92% of them made from wood, you can provide safety equipment for your teen so they can work efficiently and avoid injuries like splinters and abrasions from the task. When they interact with the products you deal with on a first-hand basis, they will have an easier time understanding the business.

Practice Customer Service

Whenever you get the opportunity, have your teen practice customer service with you or with other family members. This will help them know what is expected of them and the kind of behavior that is permissible while dealing with customers. Go over some basic rules and procedures so that when it's time to do a test run with actual customers, they don't falter or have a difficult time.

Organize a Fundraiser

The final tip is to organize a fundraiser with your teen involved. Recent data states that there are over 1.54 million charitable organizations in the United States. This shows that the culture of fundraising is not a foreign one, but is one that can help you get the necessary funds for your business while getting your teen some hands-on practice. Give them a role to play, whether a physical or virtual one, and see how they manage it. Give them tips on how to improve and congratulate them on tasks they do well.

To make sure that your teenager is involved in the family business, it's important to start getting them involved as early as possible. Hold their hand throughout the process and follow the tips above so that when it's time to let them step out on their own, you will be confident that they can handle it.