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How to Prepare Your Family's Home for Winter

Prepare Your Family's Home

Your home in winter should be nice and cozy for you and your family, so it's a good idea to prepare for the change in temperatures in advance. If you do, you can enjoy a stress-free season and maybe even save some money. Read on to see some of the ways you can prepare your family's home for winter and enjoy this magical season to the fullest.


Upgrade the Windows

Your home's windows should be properly sealed in winter to make sure that they don't contain any leaks into the outdoors. That said, inspect your windows to find out if there are any gaps or cracks between the window and the frame. If you find any, you can easily seal them with caulk from your local hardware store. Alternatively, if your windows are extremely old or damaged and you can afford to replace them right away, it's wise to have this completed promptly. Note that the heat gained and lost through your home's windows is responsible for between 25% and 30% of your residential heating and cooling energy use. This should motivate you to fix your windows and put this energy consumption to a stop.

Waterproof Your Basement

Next, make sure that your basement is waterproof if you haven't already done so. You can check to see if there's any water damage and fix it if you find some. Doing this can make a big difference in how healthy you stay while at home. Note that 60% of homes in the United States, according to This Old House, have wet basements, and 38% are at risk of developing basement mold. Rather than wait to deal with the trouble that a basement with mold and water damage can present, it's a good idea for you to minimize the chances of this happening. Call a professional before winter gets to its peak and remedy any water damage in your home.

Service Your HVAC

Remember to service your HVAC in time for winter because you'll use it a lot in this season. In 2019, the global market size for HVAC systems, according to Comfy Living, was $240.8 billion. This shows just how much people rely on HVAC systems, pointing to their importance. Because of this, you need to maintain your HVAC by performing regular service on it, at least once in the hot season and once in the cold season. Doing this will keep it reliable and efficient. Another reason to make sure it's serviced well is to save on the energy costs wasted by an inefficient system. You'll want to service it according to the manufacturer's instructions to avoid voiding your warranty.

Check Your Roof

Last but by no means least, check your roof and make sure that it has no signs of damage. You may conduct an inspection yourself, but for the best outcome, have a professional look at it. It will be easier for them to spot any damage that it has and suggest a solution. If there's something that needs to be repaired, then do it right away so you can enjoy a safe roof in winter. Don't forget to clean it and remove all debris from the past season. This could weigh it down unnecessarily and provide ample opportunity for damage to set in. Keep your roof safe from all of this so that you can prolong its lifespan.

Follow these steps to get your home ready for the chilly season. When you complete these tasks, it should be easy for you to ensure that your family will be safe and comfortable throughout the winter.