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Teaching Your Kids About Home Maintenance

Home Maintenance

Home maintenance is one of the most useful and beneficial skills that you can teach to your children. This is because they will go on to apply these skills in their lives as they become adults. Teaching them about home maintenance also introduces something productive to bond over as opposed to having them glued to a screen all day and every day. Read on to see how you can go about teaching your kids about home maintenance and give them a gift that will keep on giving for the rest of their lives.

Tell Them the Importance of Sealing the Driveway

One of the most basic home maintenance activities involves the driveway, so it's a good idea to share some knowledge and skills on the same with your kids. If you need to seal your driveway, invite your child to watch and, if they are old enough to follow instructions, show them how to do it. While working, you can also impart some knowledge to them, such as that, according to The Spruce, an asphalt paving driveway usually lasts between 15 and 20 years. Also, tell them that a driveway should be sealed once in every three years. Let them know the signs that they should look out for to ensure that the driveway doesn't fall into disrepair but it stays in good shape for as long as it's supposed to.

Plant a Garden With Them

Next, plant a garden with them and make sure that they know the process of gardening. They will likely enjoy getting their hands dirty and the skills that they pick up will last them a lifetime. If they know how exactly plants grow from scratch, they may even be motivated to eat healthier meals as they played a role in planting the greens. When they can see how plants grow and what they need to thrive, they may also have an easier time keeping the environment green and living more sustainably.

Teach Them to Conserve Electricity

Electricity can leave you with a hefty bill to pay at the end of the month if you don't manage it well. It's therefore a major part of home maintenance to teach your kids how they can conserve electricity around the home. This includes turning off any lights that aren't being used and keeping appliances off and disconnected when idle. Don't forget to demonstrate the importance of servicing appliances around the home. Follow the advice of HomeAdvisor, which states that it's necessary to service your HVAC system two times a year, once per hot and cold season.

Teach Them How to Do Basic Repairs

There are many basic repairs that a child could learn to do from early on in their lives. These include changing dead bulbs and keeping the landscape maintained. When you show your children how to do these basic repairs, they will have an easier time doing them. Don't forget to also show them the signs that show that the different repairs need to be done. This way, they may be capable of taking care of themselves as they grow older.

Show Them How to Conserve Water

Finally, your kids should know about water conservation. While there are roughly 480,600 licensed plumbers in the United States alone, according to Comfy Living, it's good to have some basic skills. These could save a lot of water from getting wasted because some knowledge can ensure that leaks will be stopped before a plumber arrives to do a permanent repair.

Teach your kids these basic skills, and they will have an easier time when they grow up and it's time to fend for themselves. Hopefully, they will also pass these skills on to their own kids in the future.