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Why Is it Important for Your Kids to Make Neighborhood Friends?

Neighborhood Friends

Staying indoors and being separated from others can have detrimental effects on your child's mental well-being. This is why psychologists and health professionals deem friendship as very important. Additionally, playing with other kids in the neighborhood helps your kid remain active, which is essential for their physical health and well-being.

Helping Your Kids Make Neighborhood Friends

Not all kids are created the same, and for some, creating new friends can be a challenging endeavor. There is no problem being different from the rest, but it is your responsibility to help your kid create connections and friendships. Some of the best ways to achieve that include:

  • Nurture their conversation skills: Refined conversation skills are among the most critical aspects of creating friendships. Teach your child how to listen, ask relevant questions, read body language, and understand the tone of one's voice.

  • Find opportunities for socialization: Lack of adequate opportunities can lead to your kid not finding and making new pals. Indulge your child and others their age in activities that help them spend time together, such as sports clubs, story-telling at your local bookstore, activities at a local park, and volunteer work.

  • Work on their social skills: A good friend knows how to show interest in other people, especially by being empathetic. Teach your child how to understand when things are not okay with the other person and what they can do to help.

Here are some reasons why your kid needs to make neighborhood friends.

Your Child Can Form Long-Lasting Friendships

The relationship that your child creates with those in your neighborhood is meant to last for their benefit, especially if you don't plan on moving out of that neighborhood anytime soon. Research shows that 61% of people who have lived in an area for more than six years will opt to renovate their home instead of moving out - and the same goes for families who live in great neighborhoods but would like a bigger house. If you live in a great neighborhood but want to renovate your home, consider it time to upgrade both your home and your child's social skills.

Your Child Can Socialize Face-to-Face

The internet has transformed how people communicate and interact each day. People talk to others through social media platforms and video game chat rooms. While playing video games such as Minecraft is popular among kids, with over 200 million copies sold as of May 2020, it's also important for kids to get outside and socialize face-to-face rather than through a chat screen on a video game. It's important for children to have friends that they can approach anytime, play real games on the ground with, and have face-to-face chats with. It's even easier for kids to interact with others when they all live in the same neighborhood.

Your Child Can Interact In a Safe and Supervised Environment

Again, going back to internet usage, it is hard to supervise what your kids do using their phones or that desktop in their bedroom. However, when they interact with the neighbor's children, you can comfortably be alert on what activities they indulge themselves in. As parents, you get time to correct and advise them accordingly. The environment that a child grows in is important, so a safe and supervised one that allows for positive social interactions is best.

Your Child Can Have Fun While Getting Exercise

Gone are the days when kids would play outside for long hours. The world has changed drastically. Encourage your kids to indulge in outdoor activities that will be fun and that offer an opportunity to get vitamin D and improve their physical health and well-being.

For instance, competing in races or playing baseball on the neighborhood's playground helps the children develop physically and mentally. A point to note is that shaved bats should not be used when temperatures are below 65 degrees. So, wait until the weather has adjusted to the summer season. Then, help your kids set up fun sports games and competitions in your neighborhood so all of the kids can be involved and stay fit.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected lives a lot, especially when it comes to socializing with people outside of the immediate family. When it's safe, ensure you encourage your kids to create friendships in your neighborhood. That way, they'll be able to enjoy the several significant benefits of fostering such relationships.