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Why Should Your Teen Consider a Career In Welding?

Career In Welding

Is your teen intelligent and hard-working but has no interest in college or a career in an office? Have they said that they want to work with their hands but aren't sure how? Then, you might want to steer them towards a career in welding. Such an option will help your family by giving your teen a fantastic opportunity to get into a tremendous and beneficial field that will help them in many ways.

There Is a Growing Demand

Teens who want to join a constantly and continually growing field may find themselves loving a welding career. There is an almost constant demand for those in this profession, particularly for demanding tasks like underwater welding and more. Why is that the case?

First, the problem of metal corrosion costs nearly $300 billion every year due to repairs and fixes. Welding professionals minimize this risk by taking care of this damage. Just as importantly, welders help with construction projects and other types of gigs by fusing metal together in unique ways.

It Requires a Cost-Efficient Education

If your teen does not want to get into debt getting a college education, welding is their perfect career. This career path allows them to get trained in around two years or less, depending on their welding specialty and abilities. As a result, they can get working right away while spending little on their education and training for the position.

Your Teen Is a Hands-On Worker

If your teen loves to work with their hands, you may urge them to pursue welding. They'll need to wield a welding torch and take other steps to work correctly on their tasks, ensuring that they get the kind of hands-on experience that makes sense for their needs as a worker.

Of course, they must also be aware of hot splatter, which can surprisingly reach up to 35 feet from a welding area. This problem could occur and put them at risk for eye injuries, burns, and many spark-fire dangers. Thankfully, safety gear is available that will decrease this severe risk for people with a welding career.

It Offers Job Security and Excellent Pay

As mentioned before, welding is in high demand around the nation. However, this increased demand also comes with plenty of job security. Simply put, good welders typically hold onto jobs for years and can advance their careers quickly by being promoted or by finding jobs with better-paying firms.

Many first-time welders will make as much as $30 per hour or more depending on their employer and their unique field. Moreover, this pay will only go up most of the time, meaning that they can make a surprising amount of money relatively quickly and invest in homes and vehicles with little difficulty.

Your Teen Can Complete Projects for Various Industries

Welders become experts in their field very quickly, such as knowing that unusual noises when operating a machine tool likely means it should be repaired or inspected soon. Even better, they can more easily transition to projects in a myriad of different fields with relative ease and simplicity, cutting back on any complications you may experience.

For example, they can get involved in various types of construction jobs but can also work in fields as diverse as shipbuilding and auto mechanics. Whatever your teen's interest, they should have plenty of work options that make it easier for them to thrive in their new welding environment.

Helping your teen find a career in welding is an intelligent choice, as it can give them the independence they need to thrive in their unique field. Just as importantly, they can avoid going to college if it's not suitable for them. Not every intelligent and capable person enjoys the college experience, and a career in welding will minimize their need for long-term secondary education.