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Marie Miguel is an avid internet researcher. She is fueled by her determination to answer the many questions she hasn't been able to find the answer to anywhere else. When she finds these answers she likes to spread the knowledge to others seeking help. She is always looking for outlets to share her information, therefore she occasionally has her content published on different websites and blogs. Even though she doesn't run one for herself she loves contributing to others.

Mood Disorders in Gifted Children
A Horse Of Many Colors: Giftedness, a concept that has been defined in many ways by a multitude of sources, can be thought of as asynchronous development that leaves some children with advanced intellect or unique capabilities. Many gifted children are misdiagnosed before their strengths are recognized, as certain emotional and social functions in these individuals may vary from the norm. Mental health professionals are infamously undertrained in recognizing the markers of mentally gifted individuals, with many children slipping through the cracks.
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