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Michelle Zudeck, founder of is a divorced mother of two amazing kids, now 19 and 22. Having gone through a divorce in 2007, Michelle successfully navigated the ups and downs of the divorce process. Michelle's mantra and advice for those going through Divorce is to "try and put the best interests of your children ahead of your own".

I'm one of the lucky ones. Seven years of parenting post Divorce has been challenging at times, but for the most part my ex and I agree on parenting issues that arise. Enter my 20 year old son...very responsible, mature, type-A driven personality. He doesn't party, barely drinks and has an A average from a top University. 
It was two years post Divorce after an 18 year marriage, when I received the emotional call from my ex husband telling me his father suffered a massive heart attack and was on life support. I just saw my ex father in law one week prior when the kids and I went to Florida to see my family. I always took the kids to visit their “other” set of Grandparents as well, even post Divorce, as this was the right thing to do for my kids.
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