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Ted Lorenz from Lorenz & Lorenz, L.L.P. is consistently recognized as one of the top personal injury lawyers in Texas. Ted was named a Texas Super Lawyer Rising Star for five consecutive years and was recognized as a National Trial Attorney Under 40 and a Top 100 Trial Lawyer in America. He has practiced personal injury law for close to 20 years and is currently based in Austin, TX.


You put your kid in the car and buckle them into their five-point harness. They’re six years old and start complaining that you’re treating them like a little kid. They’re old enough to ride in the car with a regular seat belt like a big kid, they protest. You consider letting them because they do look a little cramped in their child restraint system. Is it okay to let your toddler or small child ride in a vehicle using just a seat belt? No. Even though it might make your child happy, a seat belt won’t guarantee their safety.
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