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Physical Activity and Exercise Benefit Children’s Health

Exercise Benefit for Children’s Health

In today’s world most people tend to link physical activity with weight loss, and forget all the important benefits it brings to both our body and mind. For kids, especially, keeping physically active is a must, it helps improve their motor skills, get that extra energy out so that they can sleep better, and most importantly it teaches them discipline and commitment.  

It improves health of their entire body

Regular physical activity does not just help you kids stay fit and have great stamina, it also has a positive effects on their organs. For example, regular exercise keep the heart healthy, considering that it is a muscle it responds to exercise by becoming stronger and more efficient. It is important to start strengthening the heart muscle from a very young age as it can help ward off heart disease. Another organ that benefits from your child’s regular physical activity are the lungs, It increases the lung capacity, allowing more oxygen to enter their body thus helping their brain development. Let’s not forget about the bones, regular exercise helps increase bone density thus minimizing the risk of osteoporosis later in life.

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It has a positive effect on their mind

  As mentioned in previous paragraph, exercise can have a direct positive effect on your child’s brain health. It can also help them be more focused, improve their concentration, thus bettering their learning skills. All these are great, but maybe the most important one, is that physical activity makes your child happy. The release of endorphins and the BDNF protein that happens during exercise prompts the feeling of joy and happiness. Just keep an eye on nutrition and hydration, use supplements if needed. For example INSERT is protein powder safe for kids or you could opt for a high protein, delicious snack like biltong.  And finally in today’s image obsessed world, having a well regulated weight will help improve your child’s confidence and by doing so reduce the chances of depression and anxiety issues.

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It helps them get more active

If your child is not very keen on exercising and in fact prefers sitting at home and playing video games, there are a few things you can do to change that. First add a twist to their regular routine,you can find jumping castles for sale and opt for one most suitable for your backyard. When it arrives you are guaranteed to see the pure joy on their faces. In addition, jumping as a physical activity can have a great impact on their health as well, their joints and muscles become more flexible thus reducing the chance of strain. You can also encourage them to play more outside, there are various games that include physical activity, from tag, to jump-rope and hide and seak. Finally, if all else fails you can always opt for a visit to a swimming pool or a beach. So, in short, by opting for different types of physical activity you will have a happy and healthy child.

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It builds character

Group sports are great for building character and teaching kids the benefits of teamwork. It is important that you let your child choose the sport they are most interested in, and it is as important that you don’t let the quit, unless there is a really valid reason for it. By participating in a group sport your child is getting the physical activity they need, making new friends and having the opportunity to experience both victory and loss, both of which are important for their future life and career development. There you have it the numerous benefits of helping your child become more physically active, from physical to mental health and a few life lessons in between. By introducing regular exercise and physical activity into your child’s life, you are making sure they have the best starting point to live a happy and healthy life. A strong hearst, a powerful mindset, and a lot of happy memories. What more can a parent ask for.

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