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Worry Proofing Against Coronavirus

Mar 19 by
Worry Proofing Against Coronavirus

by Dr. Cara Natterson
Hi all…

I have decided to try to throw together a list every few days with the best COVID-related info I have stumbled across – feel free to forward/share with anyone you like. Some are articles about the virus, others about its spread. Some are about collateral damage and others about how communities are pulling together. Many of these links have been forwarded to me by friends, so big thanks to everyone and please keep passing along good content. And despite how stifling it may feel, thanks for staying home and washing your hands like crazy! 

The Washington Post has a very helpful explanation about flattening the curve.

Yesterday the New England Journal of Medicine posted this piece that suggests the virus is far more airborne than originally thought. A slightly less medical version that may be more readable for most can be found here. According to this study, coronavirus can live in the air for 3 hours and on plastic and stainless steel surfaces for up to 72 hours.

This STAT article walks through all the terminology that is pinging around these days – read to understand the difference between quarantines, lockdowns, and sheltering in place and what could happen depending upon whether we act as a country or decisions are left to cities and states.

If you were wondering where this novel coronavirus came from in the first place, this paper explains why it wasn’t manufactured in a laboratoryas some conspiracy theorists have argued. 

Michael Levitt’s math (he’s a Nobel laureate and expert number cruncher) will make you feel better about this epidemic.

In Italy, they are now 3D printing some hospital supplies and it’s game changing. Anyone in the US who has the ability to 3D print on a mass scale, take note, because we know our supply lines will run short in a few weeks.

Chris Martin played an impromptu concert to ease fears and remind people that we are all in this together. Thank you Chris – you have a heart of gold!   

And from my brother and sister-in-law, a little humor: