Picky eaters

Watch Rona Renner, RN's video on Picky eaters...
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Picky eaters

Some kids really refuse to eat anything but their favorite foods; they just want their macaroni and cheese, or quesadillas and we really need to pay attention to why this is happening. For some kids, it's their picky temperament, they're sensitive and they don't like the texture of foods or the smell of certain foods. For other kids, they've just gotten into this habit. It's up to us to provide children with a balanced diet. How do you do that? Well, you may want to have the rule at home that you have to taste something, even though you don't have to eat the whole thing. Or just keep introducing these fun foods, like broccoli with a little dip, like hummus. Let your kids eat dinner with you, make sure and have family meals. Put a real wonderful, colorful table out of foods, so they see you enjoying it. Hopefully you can have a little garden, maybe even a little pot on your deck with tomatoes growing. If they plant foods, they're more likely to pick it and eat it. Go to the farmers' market. Let them cook with you. Be patient, but be clear that you can't serve them quesadillas and macaroni and cheese every night. Don't have food battles, but keep being persistent that you want them to try new things.

Watch Rona Renner, RN's video on Picky eaters...


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Rona Renner, RN

Parent Educator

Rona Renner has been a Registered Nurse for 46 years with a wide range of experience in health care. In the last 20 years she has focused her attention on pediatrics, parent education and advocacy, ADHD and learning differences. In 1992, she was trained by Kaiser Permanente Medical Center as a temperament counselor to help parents understand their child's behavior, and she co-wrote the temperament based parenting class manual. In 2002, she founded Childhood Matters, a non-profit organization producing radio shows in English and Spanish. "Nurse Rona" hosted a weekly call-in radio show for over nine years, and has appeared on many television shows, including CNN and 20/20. Rona is the author of Is That Me Yelling, a book aimed to help parents learn how to effectively communicate with their kids by focusing on their child's unique temperament, and their ownShe loves working with parents one-on-one, in groups, or in large workshops. Rona is happily married, has four adult children, and two grandsons.

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