Coping with ADHD and learning disorders

Learn about: Coping with ADHD and learning disorders from Rona Renner, RN,...
Coping with ADHD and learning disorders | Kids in the House
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Coping with ADHD and learning disorders

You know, I didn’t find out until I was about 40 that I actually had a diagnosis of ADHD and dyslexia. On the mild side, but it really made so much sense to me, because when I was young, people didn’t understand the way my brain worked. And I really got a lot of messages that I was lazy. I wish the adults in my life realized that I couldn’t read well. All the other children were learning to read and it was a mystery to me and I remember thinking there was something wrong with me. So what I wished for was that I could be recognized for who I was. I had a very sweet mother who loved me the way I was, but it turns out she also had reading problems, so it just seemed normal. So if you have a child with learning differences or attention problems, accept them for who they are. Find out where their challenges are but most importantly, find out their strengths. I love to dance and becoming a nurse was a great thing for me.

Learn about: Coping with ADHD and learning disorders from Rona Renner, RN,...


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Rona Renner, RN

Parent Educator

Rona Renner has been a Registered Nurse for 46 years with a wide range of experience in health care. In the last 20 years she has focused her attention on pediatrics, parent education and advocacy, ADHD and learning differences. In 1992, she was trained by Kaiser Permanente Medical Center as a temperament counselor to help parents understand their child's behavior, and she co-wrote the temperament based parenting class manual. In 2002, she founded Childhood Matters, a non-profit organization producing radio shows in English and Spanish. "Nurse Rona" hosted a weekly call-in radio show for over nine years, and has appeared on many television shows, including CNN and 20/20. Rona is the author of Is That Me Yelling, a book aimed to help parents learn how to effectively communicate with their kids by focusing on their child's unique temperament, and their ownShe loves working with parents one-on-one, in groups, or in large workshops. Rona is happily married, has four adult children, and two grandsons.

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