Helping your son become organized

Watch Rona Renner, RN's video on Helping your son become organized...
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Helping your son become organized

There are some children who are really disorganized. And I sometimes hear parents say, “Oh, it’s because he’s a boy and he doesn’t want to be organized.” And I think we have to be cautious about deciding what boys do and what girls do. We all have different temperaments, we all have different learning styles. I know boys who are very organized. We tend, I think, as parents, to not teach our boys to do certain things, because… I could speak for myself as mothers, we try sometimes and really nurture our boys and do everything for them. So watch how you’re conditioning your child and make sure you’re teaching them the skills they need to have and know that boys have feelings, emotions. They may be organized. They’re different and yet they’re the same. Organization is a skill that some people are better at and others are not so good at.

Watch Rona Renner, RN's video on Helping your son become organized...


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Rona Renner, RN

Parent Educator

Rona Renner has been a Registered Nurse for 46 years with a wide range of experience in health care. In the last 20 years she has focused her attention on pediatrics, parent education and advocacy, ADHD and learning differences. In 1992, she was trained by Kaiser Permanente Medical Center as a temperament counselor to help parents understand their child's behavior, and she co-wrote the temperament based parenting class manual. In 2002, she founded Childhood Matters, a non-profit organization producing radio shows in English and Spanish. "Nurse Rona" hosted a weekly call-in radio show for over nine years, and has appeared on many television shows, including CNN and 20/20. Rona is the author of Is That Me Yelling, a book aimed to help parents learn how to effectively communicate with their kids by focusing on their child's unique temperament, and their ownShe loves working with parents one-on-one, in groups, or in large workshops. Rona is happily married, has four adult children, and two grandsons.

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