The gift of ADHD

Watch Video: The gift of ADHD by Edward Hallowell, MD, EdD, ...
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The gift of ADHD

If you manage ADHD properly, far from being a disability, it can propel you to tremendous success. I have billionaires, CEOs, Brain Surgeons, in my practice who have this trait. However, if you don't manage it properly, it can end up with you addicted, unemployed, or in prison. This is a condition can go one extreme direction or the other. That's why it's critical for you to identify it as early as you can and come up with strategies for managing it properly, so you can turn it into the gift that it actually can be.

Watch Video: The gift of ADHD by Edward Hallowell, MD, EdD, ...


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Edward Hallowell, MD, EdD

Psychiatrist, ADHD Specialist, & Author

Edward (Ned) Hallowell, MD, EdD is a Harvard-trained Child and Adult Psychiatrist in practice in Sudbury, MA (outside Boston) and New York City. The author of 18 books, Dr. Hallowell specializes in learning differences such as ADHD and dyslexia, both of which he has himself.  He has also written extensively on general issues of parenting and living in our modern age. He lives in the Boston area with his wife of 23 years, Sue, and their three children, Lucy, Jack, and Tucker.

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