ADHD without hyperactivity

See Edward Hallowell, MD, EdD's video on ADHD without hyperactivity...
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ADHD without hyperactivity

Contrary to popular belief, you can have ADHD without any signs of hyperactivity or impulsivity whatsoever, the so-called inattentive ADHD. Typically with girls, although boys can have it as well, women can have it and men can have it. This is the quiet daydreamer. The girl who sits at the back of the class staring out the window. If you ask her what is it like to be in the classroom, she'll say, "Oh, it's fine. I'm almost never there." But she doesn't get diagnosed because she's not disruptive. However, she's missing 40, 50 ,60% of what's going on in the classroom because her mind goes elsewhere. That's ADHD without hyperactivity or impulsivity.

See Edward Hallowell, MD, EdD's video on ADHD without hyperactivity...


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Edward Hallowell, MD, EdD

Psychiatrist, ADHD Specialist, & Author

Edward (Ned) Hallowell, MD, EdD is a Harvard-trained Child and Adult Psychiatrist in practice in Sudbury, MA (outside Boston) and New York City. The author of 18 books, Dr. Hallowell specializes in learning differences such as ADHD and dyslexia, both of which he has himself.  He has also written extensively on general issues of parenting and living in our modern age. He lives in the Boston area with his wife of 23 years, Sue, and their three children, Lucy, Jack, and Tucker.

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