Asperger's diagnosis reaction

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Asperger's diagnosis reaction

My daughter was first diagnosed with Asperger's when she was three-years old, and I cried. My first reaction was just tears. Looking back, I realize that what the tears really were was it was this mourning process that I had envisioned for my daughter, this whole future, who she was gonna be and what she was gonna do with her life. And in some ways looking back, I almost think it was a gift to have the diagnosis, because I do think it's important as a parent to let go of our preconceived notions of who are children are going to be, because it allows us to open up to the possibility of they really are going to become. And it was really hard going through it. It's probably the hardest news you could ever hear when you hear your child is not going to be doing all of the things you expect them to do, or that they may have a hard time. And it's very hard. But you do move on, you take on the information and you move forward.

Watch Video: Asperger's diagnosis reaction by Sarah Maizes, ...


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