Telling friends' parents about Asperger's

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Telling friends' parents about Asperger's

When my daughter was little, I used to let parents know that she had Asperger's Syndrome. Mainly because when they asked for a play date or we asked for a play date, they knew that she had a shadow in school. They were curious as to why she had a shadow. We explained that she had a shadow because the shadow helped her facilitate her relationships. Because Asperger's is, in a lot of ways, socially inhibiting. It makes it hard for her to talk to other kids, interact with other kids, and to play with other kids, in the same way that children without Asperger's do. I felt like it was important. Now that she is 11 years old, she's progressed so much through social skills classes, occupational therapy, and writing therapies. She's progressed so much that, it's almost like saying, "You should be aware my child laughs a lot or my child really likes pretzels." It's a non-issue. It's just a part of who she is. If someone were to ask me, I have no problem talking about it. It's not a deficiency of any kind. Now that she's older, it's not as big of an issue.

Watch Sarah Maizes's video on Telling friends' parents about Asperger's...


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