Signs of Asperger's in children

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Signs of Asperger's in children

Looking back I see that my daughter had lots of signs of Asberger's. Things that I didn't even know at that time meant that she had Asberger's but there were symptoms they define on the autism spectrum, such as sorting and lining up toys, redoing, reorganizing toys. Things like she used to have plastic animals and she would, they would lay in waves across the living room floor, with all the bears in one place and the penguins in another place and she had very good reasons why everything was done the way it was done. She goes she doesn't want the penguins to get eaten by the bears, but there are also a lot of other signs that come with Asberger's. Things that they define as 'sensory integration dysfunction'. Which are ways that the body interprets the world around them and children with Asberger's, which I can only define as how I saw it in my own child because Asberger's does differ from child to child, there's so many different symptoms, so many different ways to diagnose Asberger's, but for us it was the sensory integration issues, such as a sensitivity to tags in her clothing and there were chewing issues. She would choke a lot when she ate food her mouth, she couldn't tell that something was fully chewed and she would go to swallow it before it was completed chewed up. There's sensitivity to noise, to loud sounds, to groups, to being in loud places. We couldn't take her to the places where other normal children went without her falling apart or feeling sick and they're all just these little signs, little things that you notice other kids don't have and you go something's up.

See Sarah Maizes's video on Signs of Asperger's in children...


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