Autistic children and future employment

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Autistic children and future employment

One of the greatest moments of my life, and I think Julian's life for sure, was the day he got a job. And I think it's every parent's hope with a special needs child that they'r going to be able to be employed and contribute. And Julia and I never wanted or envisioned Julian sweeping a bus; we wanted more for him. And he always loved going to Chuck E. Cheese as a kid, and we used it as a reward system. And if he did something good and earned it, he would go to Chuck E. Cheese. And eventually he started to communicate to us like, "I want job at Chuck E." And I almost humored, I did humor him. I humored him. I was like, "Okay, Julian, but you've gotta work hard, you've gotta get good grades." But never really thinking he was gonna get a job being Chuck E. Cheese. And one day I was at the restaurant, and he was like, "Dad, I want job." And I was like, "Why not?" So I asked if I could speak to the manager and I said, "Would you consider hiring a kid with special needs?" And she said, "Yeah, Chuck E. rolls that way. And come tomorrow we happen to be having open interviews." And I brought him over and they loved him; he knew all the moves, he was like doing the Chuck E. dances he's been doing all his life, and it was the most unbelievable change that could ever happen for him. It's a total blessing.

Watch Hyman Katz's video on Autistic children and future employment...


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Hyman Katz

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Hyman Katz is happily married and the father of a 21-year old autistic son and a 14 year-old daughter. Hyman works in the music business as a brand and content developer.

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