Choosing between different strategies

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Choosing between different strategies

When you have a special needs child, especially with us with autism with Julie and I, you really want to do everything you can. And we made a choice to stop at the place where we felt it was invasive to Julian. And you try different strategies and you really need to be open to different strategies. There´s camps of people who are behaviorist, which we tried and worked great. I mean Julian couldn´t sleep through the night but through what´s called ABA, which is behavior modification, we worked and worked and worked and started to see some like really nice changes. But then we heard about this other strategy called the developmental approach, and it really made a lot of sense to us because it was Stanley Greenspans has a. He has passed away but it was called floor time. And the idea was you followed the child´s lead. And I think that really was a big aha moment for us where we started to realize that we didn´t have to become experts on autism. We had to become an expert on our son.

Watch Hyman Katz's video on Choosing between different strategies...


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Hyman Katz

Dad & Music Developer

Hyman Katz is happily married and the father of a 21-year old autistic son and a 14 year-old daughter. Hyman works in the music business as a brand and content developer.

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