Types of sexual harassment

Watch Video: Types of sexual harassment by Meg Newman, MS, LMFT, ...
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Types of sexual harassment

Common ways that Middle Schoolers especially, sexually harass one another, in a physical way are -- There are different games that they have told me about. Scooping, which is walking by someone and grabbing their breast or it can happen on their genitals as well. It happens to both boys and girls. Another one is the nervous game. They will put their hand on someone's leg and ask them, "Are you nervous yet?" They will, kind of, move the hand up until they say, "Yes, I'm nervous." Another one is slap-ass Friday. Some schools that I've been to, they just know that on Friday's everyone's butt is going to get slapped. So everyone is walking around protecting themselves or carrying their backpack around their pants or wear baggy clothes, so they can protect themselves from what's happening on a regular basis there.

Watch Video: Types of sexual harassment by Meg Newman, MS, LMFT, ...


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Meg Newman, MS, LMFT


Meg Newman is a licensed marriage and family therapist in private practice in Venice and Tarzana CA. Meg is also a mother and stepmom. Meg has worked as a therapist with children and teens focusing on a variety of issues concerning anxiety, eating disorders, body image, substance abuse, sexual harassment, and sexual assault. Meg is native to Los Angeles and loves spending time with family, as well as snowboarding as often as possible.

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