Why kids develop eating disorders

See Meg Newman, MS, LMFT's video on Why kids develop eating disorders...
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Why kids develop eating disorders

I think somebody has an eating disorder as a way to control the chaos in their lives, whether it's between a relationship with their parent that they really don't have a good boundary or an unmet emotional need, maybe by the other parent. It can also be a sibling that's acting out and seems to be the problem child, and they want to be the perfect one as a way to correct some of the chaos they've experienced. It could be a history of abuse, sexual abuse. Usually in adolescence when their body starts developing, they feel like, maybe that's the one thing they can control. A lot of it shows up in their food or their grades as a need to be perfect in order not to break the mold and add more chaos.

See Meg Newman, MS, LMFT's video on Why kids develop eating disorders...


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Meg Newman, MS, LMFT


Meg Newman is a licensed marriage and family therapist in private practice in Venice and Tarzana CA. Meg is also a mother and stepmom. Meg has worked as a therapist with children and teens focusing on a variety of issues concerning anxiety, eating disorders, body image, substance abuse, sexual harassment, and sexual assault. Meg is native to Los Angeles and loves spending time with family, as well as snowboarding as often as possible.

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