What is sexual bullying?

Watch Video: What is sexual bullying? by Meg Newman, MS, LMFT, ...
What is sexual bullying? | Kids in the House
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What is sexual bullying?

Sexual bullying is what we really call sexual harassment, which is a sexual form of bullying that we see a lot in Middle School and High School, as well. There are three types of sexual harassment that are common in Middle School: Verbal sexual harassment, which would be like calling someone a sexual name like "gay" or "slut," as a way to make fun of them. Visual sexual harassment is showing someone something sexual that maybe they didn't want to see, so posting something sexual on Facebook about them or sending someone a sexual text message. Sometimes people call it "sexting." That would be visual sexual harassment. The third type is physical, which we tend to see more in High School than Middle School, however, it's very pervasive in Middle School, as well. That would be some kind of games we hear. For example, "slap ass Friday," for instance, or scooping is really popular in Middle Schools. These are physical ways of touching where they say it's kind of like, kids are just being kids, but these are in a sexual way and it makes people feel terribly embarrassed and uncomfortable. Sometimes kids just go along with it like, this is just part of Middle School and we have to just deal with it. I give kids ways of standing up for themselves and getting the harassment to stop, so they feel safer in school.

Watch Video: What is sexual bullying? by Meg Newman, MS, LMFT, ...


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Meg Newman, MS, LMFT


Meg Newman is a licensed marriage and family therapist in private practice in Venice and Tarzana CA. Meg is also a mother and stepmom. Meg has worked as a therapist with children and teens focusing on a variety of issues concerning anxiety, eating disorders, body image, substance abuse, sexual harassment, and sexual assault. Meg is native to Los Angeles and loves spending time with family, as well as snowboarding as often as possible.

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