Best treatments for eating disorders

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Best treatments for eating disorders

The treatments that I think work best for eating disorders have to be really individualized, just because of the range of eating disorders and also the intensity of the eating disorder. We want to know first of all, how long has it been going on? What are the behaviors and how extreme are they? And first of all, is this person medically stable or not? So that would be the first thing is making sure that they're medically stable. And then I like to work in a holistic approach, making sure there's a nutritionist on board, making sure there's awareness of body and movement, and also talking about the underlying anxieties and the need for controlling some part of their life and what comes before that. But initially it's important to just work on the presenting problem and the issues that you see in front of you before digging deeper into the therapy, into the actual anxiety treatment. And so it's really important when you're looking for help from, let's say, a therapist that they can include all of this. It's also important to have a group component, sot he person who's really been isolating and alone with this disorder knows that there's other people out there that are struggling with their same secret. So to have a group component is also really important. But when you're looking for a therapist, make sure it's someone who specializes with eating disorders, had some specific training about it. So those would be the treatments that I would suggest in getting help for an eating disorder.

See Meg Newman, MS, LMFT's video on Best treatments for eating disorders...


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Meg Newman, MS, LMFT


Meg Newman is a licensed marriage and family therapist in private practice in Venice and Tarzana CA. Meg is also a mother and stepmom. Meg has worked as a therapist with children and teens focusing on a variety of issues concerning anxiety, eating disorders, body image, substance abuse, sexual harassment, and sexual assault. Meg is native to Los Angeles and loves spending time with family, as well as snowboarding as often as possible.

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