How are exercise and weight loss linked?

Watch Video: How are exercise and weight loss linked? by Daniel S. Kirschenbaum, PhD, ...
How are exercise and weight loss linked? | Kids in the House
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How are exercise and weight loss linked?

Exercise is a critical component of effective weight control for people of any age. Basically, you've got to get moving. Research on activities of obese compared to non-obese children reveals something incredibly interesting. One of the most consistent and biggest differences between those two groups is not so much what they eat, but the activity. When you do studies on this, you can look at how much time people spend time standing up, moving versus lying down. What you'll find is that obese children spend four hours a day or more sitting down or lying down than their non-obese peers. Four hours a day. So what you're trying to do to counter that - you can't just tell an obese person, "Hey! Stop lying down." You want to look at something positive and constructive that they can do. So it's about strapping on a pedometer, wearing a pedometer and setting a goal like 10,000 steps a day and getting active. So this activity, really, is the key for successful weight control, not necessarily exercise is traditionally considered. Any time an overweight or obese child is physically up and moving about, whether it's about for a theater or some other extra-curricular activity, it's for the good. If you just stand up versus sitting down, you're expending 20% more activity, 20% more energy. If you start moving around, you are expending 300% more energy. So that's what we're looking for with overweight kids and teenagers is increasing activity, not so much increasing exercise.

Watch Video: How are exercise and weight loss linked? by Daniel S. Kirschenbaum, PhD, ...


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Daniel S. Kirschenbaum, PhD

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Daniel S. Kirschenbaum, PhD, ABPP, is the President of Wellspring. He was Director of the Eating Disorders Program at Northwestern University Medical School, where he is Professor of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences. Dr. Kirschenbaum is a Fellow and Diplomate in Clinical Health Psychology in the American Psychological Association and former president of its Division of Exercise and Sport Psychology. Dr. Kirschenbaum has provided invited addresses at many professional conferences world-wide, received numerous grants for research, and published 10 books and 150 journal articles on weight loss, sport psychology, and related topics. His books include: the first book published for professionals on the treatment of pediatric obesity - Treatment of Childhood and Adolescent ObesityWeight Loss Through PersistenceThe Sierras Weight Loss Solution for Teens and Kids (2007); and, The Wellspring Weight Loss Plan. Dr. Kirschenbaum’s research on sport psychology won the top prize for research on the mental game of golf from the World Scientific Congress on Golf (St. Andrews, Scotland) and Golf Magazine; in 2000, the American Council on Exercise and its Board of Directors unanimously endorsed his book, The 9 Truths About Weight Loss, as "the best book ever written for the public on how to lose weight and keep it off."

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