How teen brains are like toddlers’ brains

Learn about: How teen brains are like toddlers’ brains from Michael J. Bradley, EdD,...
How teen brains are like toddlers’ brains | Kids in the House
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How teen brains are like toddlers’ brains

We’ve recently learned that teenage brains are not adult brains. They’re very much child brains, they’re works in progress. And we have to understand that to better deal with them to get them through these difficult years. What are some of the rules in general? One, pick your battles. Understand that you want to save your ammunition for the things that can really hurt your child. Two, be sure you keep connected with them and not take their behavior personally. Three, understand what your real job is – your job is not to raise an Ivy League student. That’s not your job. Your real job is to raise the parent of your grandchildren. That’s the perspective you want to have. Who do you want this creature to be when they’re 45? Don’t get so myopically focused on trying to get them from 14 to 18. What’s a good trick to doing that as you sort out your challenges? I’ll tell you mine. I think about being on my deathbed. Cheery subject. I think about how will I feel then about what I am about to do tonight. It sobers me up very quickly, it puts things in perspective, and I find I do a much better parenting job in not reacting to their craziness in the teen years.

Learn about: How teen brains are like toddlers’ brains from Michael J. Bradley, EdD,...


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Michael J. Bradley, EdD, award-winning author, has counseled adolescents and their parents for over 30 years and currently has a private practice in suburban Philadelphia. As a recognized specialist in adolescent behavior and parenting, Dr. Bradley is in demand as a speaker and facilitator for mental health professionals, educators, and parenting groups. He has appeared on over 400 radio and television shows, including CNN, The Today Show and Good Morning, America, and has been interviewed by numerous magazines and newspapers such as USA Today, The Philadelphia Inquirer, and Parents Magazine. His website forum is a great source of advice and encouragement to parents.

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