Help your daughter deal with an Alpha Girl

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Help your daughter deal with an Alpha Girl

If you see your daughter continuing to seek the friendship of another girl that seems to put her down, leave her out, make fun of her, pull her back in and your daughter keeps going back, understand your daughter is learning something really, really important. Do not jump in and insist that the relationship be severed but rather try to help her learn about this. Take her out for coffee. Do not say anything bad about the other girl. Don´t try to attack her, rather ask your daughter. I noticed that you seem attracted to Heather. Heather seems to be a very powerful female. Is that true? Ask your daughter questions. It works a lot better than giving her answers. Next question, is she ever mean to you? Do you ever feel sad by things she says? If your daughter does not want to answer, if she looks down at her latte, say that´s fine, sweety. But another question, are you aware that you pay a price to be with people like Heather? And it is your choice. Some people do that. They are willing to pay very high prices to be with what they see as powerful people. But I guess you need to think about it that what kind of price you want to pay. Is it worth the price you pay to be with a Heather or would it feel a lot better to be with Susan, who seems to never say a bad thing about anybody? Thanks for listening, sweety. Let me know if you have any questions.

Watch Michael J. Bradley, EdD's video on Help your daughter deal with an Alpha Girl...


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Michael J. Bradley, EdD

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Michael J. Bradley, EdD, award-winning author, has counseled adolescents and their parents for over 30 years and currently has a private practice in suburban Philadelphia. As a recognized specialist in adolescent behavior and parenting, Dr. Bradley is in demand as a speaker and facilitator for mental health professionals, educators, and parenting groups. He has appeared on over 400 radio and television shows, including CNN, The Today Show and Good Morning, America, and has been interviewed by numerous magazines and newspapers such as USA Today, The Philadelphia Inquirer, and Parents Magazine. His website forum is a great source of advice and encouragement to parents.

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