When your teen picks bad friends

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When your teen picks bad friends

What not to do when your daughter has a lot of friendships that worry you, do not pick her friends. Do take her out for coffee and reflect your concerns. Don't demand answers, just go to provide the feedback. "Sweetie, I worry about Suzy, she's sort of has that look that concerns me, keep that in mind- is it going to be something that could get you in trouble as well". See if she will share on that, she typically will not, she will say "you mean I can't see her anymore"? you say "Sweetie, it is not my job to pick your friends, it is your job. i just want to tell you my concerns. My concerns is such that I want you to see your friend but in a safe way. So she's invited over here anytime, we'll do the sleepovers, I'll buy the pizza but I am really uncomfortable with you being in what I see is an uncontrolled environment over there. So I know she is important to you, she is a good friend and I will respect that but there have to be some safety provisions put in place". By the way, parent, that's your job - to let your child learn about these things and having crummy friends is a real important experience, so she'll figure it out.

See Michael J. Bradley, EdD's video on When your teen picks bad friends...


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