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Meet Heather Gibbs Flett

I'm Heather Flett. I write with my best friend Whitney. After traveling the world for my honeymoon, it was supposed to be a 6 month honeymoon, and getting knocked up within the first month and having to cut it all short and become a grown up really fast, I was shocked at what becoming a mom was like. So I started this website as a means for my own survival and hope to help other moms on their own journey, even if it doesn't start in Numibia as mine did. I now live in Berkeley, CA with my 3 sons, currently age 1-5-7, and my same awesome husband. If I have any free time, I would love to resume my awesome travels, but instead you can find me eating dark chocolate, playing board games, and playing with my kids.
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See Heather Gibbs Flett's video on Meet Heather Gibbs Flett...


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Heather Gibbs Flett

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Heather Gibbs Flett co-founded, a website dedicated to helping women have more fun in the first years of motherhood, after discovering how intensely amazing, exhausting, boring, and delightful it was to become a mom. She was a bossy big sister, industrial engineer, and web producer before reinventing herself as a mother blogger. She lives in Berkeley, CA with her husband and three sons. If Heather had any spare time, she would love to travel and see more live music.

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