The best "dates" for you and your preschooler

See Heather Gibbs Flett's video on The best "dates" for you and your preschooler...
The best "dates" for you and your preschooler | Kids in the House
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The best "dates" for you and your preschooler

It is always nice to take a break from your everyday and do something special with your preschooler. I love to have him drive the activity and that means sometimes we're spending a lot on the floor doing like those or spending time in the art room making creations out of pipe cleaners. But I always like to elevate to something even more special where we go on a date, it's just the two of us and we do something special. This is especially important if you have a new baby at home and you maybe haven't been giving your older child as much attention. But it's important anytime just like you need date night with partner. Take a date night with your special preschooler. So 3 places that you can go; one is the restaurant and how amazing is it for your little guy or girl to go to a grown up restaurant, try on their manners and just get your undivided attention. If that's asking too much, an ice cream works just as well. Another fun place is a hands on science museum. Definitely engages my inner child to be running around doing experiments and making my hair stand up. So that's a day that's filled with fun. Also where I live in Berkeley, there are many opportunities to see live children theater and I love to take my child to a puppet show or a play or any kind of performance. And usually we get 2 tickets but he ends up sitting on my lap the whole time. So I suggest anything that you guys can really do together and leave the house and make it a special day just you and your little one.

See Heather Gibbs Flett's video on The best "dates" for you and your preschooler...


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