Tips for handling the picky eater toddler

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Tips for handling the picky eater toddler

My first 2 children were really pretty good eaters, so of course my 3rd child is a crazy picky eater. And someday's I considered a victory we don't put up 7-up in his baby bottle. But I tried to keep the big picture in mind and that means I am willing to puree some of his food stall, even though he has enough teeth to really eat that strawberry. I would rather just blend in, I blended in some Chard with apple sauces, I put it in a squeaky pouch, he controlled it himself and he was very happy. And I was doing a happy dance that he was eating Swiss-Chard. i'm super mom. And the 3rd thing is, that I am not afraid to be a little creative, I mention that I puree foods that he's probably, perfectly capable of eating, well a trick that my husband has thought me is, he gave my son some small pieces of kiwi. And he spit them right out but he signed for more. So we tried it again, same thing happened he signed for more and spit the food out. And what my husband did was he cut the pieces even smaller, and he gave him small pieces which he seem to like. So he figured out that he liked the taste and he was just so little put off by the texture. Gave him smaller pieces and increasingly made the pieces bigger until it was back to the original 2 pieces of kiwi and we were both thrilled that were a new milestone where maybe, just maybe he will eat real fruit at the meal. And the last thing is when I introduced new food, I try to make sure that I am still including some favorites. That kid will eat yogurt everyday. We give him the plain full fat yogurt and he'll just drink it and make little goatee and have it all over his chest but he is getting nutrition from that and then we try to consistently introduce new things.

Watch Heather Gibbs Flett's video on Tips for handling the picky eater toddler...


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