Tips for hosting your child's birthday party

Watch Video: Tips for hosting your child's birthday party by Heather Gibbs Flett, ...
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Tips for hosting your child's birthday party

As a kid I loved my birthday and I would really hope that I could create the same magic and mystery and excitement for my own kids but it is a lot harder than it looks. So as I head in to my own birthday session with 3 birthdays right on a row. I'm thinking about lessons I've learned in the past. My new lesson is skip the old times. Why make food for 10 kids possibly their siblings and they're parents and a meal for 40, when you can just have the party between 10 and 12 and serve cake and punch and maybe some sliced fruit. So that was a big lesson. I tried it out last year. One kid tried to strung an arm on me into ordering pizza but we held firm. And that was really successful. And a tip that I learned from my writing partner, Whitney, is use the balloons as both party favor and decorations. So she'll get a dozen of helium balloons and they set the stage that hey this is a party and then at the end, the kids can take them home. Everybody loves a balloon and they've done half your clean up for you. So I want to involve my kids in one key aspect of their key parties. My 3 year old suggested he wanted a robot skeleton lightning Star Wars party and that sort of when the craziness begin where I try to figure out how to execute on each of those. And in the end, he was happy with an ice cream cake with a robot on it. So I think I need to accept their input and then do what's realistic and reasonable within my budget. There is no reason to go nuts. At the end of the end if there is a kid and a cake and a photograph, you'll know they had their birthday and it was a fun time. So I would just say keep it within reason and hopefully you'll all have a happier day because of it.

Watch Video: Tips for hosting your child's birthday party by Heather Gibbs Flett, ...


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