Learning from other moms

Learn about: Learning from other moms from Heather Gibbs Flett,...
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Learning from other moms

Motherhood on it's own is very isolating and when I going through the very first time, I felt like I was doing everything wrong. It really help for me to find a community of moms and friend who were a little bit ahead of me from whom I could learn how to wrap the perfect swaddle or that the screaming colicky face is really just a face and then my whole life wouldn't be this way. So I really treasured my time and advise from people who were a little bit ahead of me. So much so I definitely wanted to give back and once I felt like I had my sea legs under me a little bit. I was looking for ways to share either my lesson learned or just help a mom. Hold the door, bring her food and kind of share the love. So I think it's really important that we take the appreciation we felt for the people who helped us and we reach back and we help the next people. You can see from where you are in motherhood, you can see what it looks like behind you but it is really hard to see like that person with a just slightly older kid. They're really on the same path. And having kids of different ages now I feel bad a little bit more but we're really on this journey together and we need to help each other.

Learn about: Learning from other moms from Heather Gibbs Flett,...


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Heather Gibbs Flett

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Heather Gibbs Flett co-founded RookieMoms.com, a website dedicated to helping women have more fun in the first years of motherhood, after discovering how intensely amazing, exhausting, boring, and delightful it was to become a mom. She was a bossy big sister, industrial engineer, and web producer before reinventing herself as a mother blogger. She lives in Berkeley, CA with her husband and three sons. If Heather had any spare time, she would love to travel and see more live music.

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