Maintaining friendships as a mom

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Maintaining friendships as a mom

One of my first root awakenings as a new parent, aside from other root awakenings was how hard it was to connect and reconnect with my friends. Today, there are actually lots of really creative ways that you can connect with your girl friends. It is so important. One of my best friends had a baby around the same time as me. She lived in Denmark. We found a few different occasions where we could actually Skype with each other. And not just have a video chat, but she placed me on her kitchen table right opposite her having tea. I did the same for her. I really felt like I was right there with her. When her little boy came home, she kind of walked around the house, so I got a tour of her house. I got to see her child running around. It was a really great way to connect with each other. If you’re in the same time as one another, you can meet your girl friend out for grocery shopping. If you're in the same town as one another, you can meet your girlfriend out for grocery shopping. Whether or not she has a child, she’s pushing around on a cart. It’s a great way. Walk the aisles together, chitchat, hand your baby cheerios, and get something done. Now, if you get the ice cream, I suggest doing it last, because if your baby or your ice cream start to melt, that whole outing is over. I also just want to put in a plug that you really deserve a mom’s night out. And if that’s not practical because of your situation, a mom’s night in is a lot of fun. So, once your baby goes to bed, have your girl friends over. Do what you like to do in your house. Make an effort to keep those relationships strong, because these are your people. This is your tribe. It is so important.

Watch Heather Gibbs Flett's video on Maintaining friendships as a mom...


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